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Your safety is our main concern whilst staying with us.  Here we have outlined what we will be doing in order to ensure your (and our) safety during your stay.

In addition to our normal high standard of cleanliness will be regularly sanitizing:

  • All public door handles

  • Lift operation buttons

  • Handrails on stairs

  • Bar area including stools and chairs

  • Reception desk and leaflet stands

  • Room keys, once guests have checked out

  • Public toilets, cleaned more often

On change over days the extra sanitizing in our bedrooms will include:

  • All bedroom surfaces

  • TV remote controls

  • All interior and exterior door handles and drawer handles.


We have two additional checks for all clients on arrival which are easy to do. 

  • TEMPERATURE CHECK – non intrusive, 10 seconds of your time

  • OXYGEN FINGER TEST – non intrusive, 30 seconds of your time


You could feel perfectly fine with no outward symptoms, BUT a low oxygen level reading can indicate a potentially serious problem. This test provides a warning. Our staff will also be taking these simple checks regularly.

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